NZ Virtual Assistant

Design + Production

Intrigued by our event range, Virtual Assistant Network NZ approached us with a vision for their awards inspired by nature. The goal was to motivate and celebrate the success of their 700+ members. The result features crisp acrylic forms and structured typography beautifully juxtaposed with delicate, pressed flora supplied by Cake Flower Co in Christchurch.

The awards created by the Peg team for our national industry awards literally brought tears to our eyes. As event organisers we were absolutely blown away by the stunning results of our vision brought to life and love seeing the awards hold pride of place in our winners’ offices. They are without a doubt awards to be shown off! The Peg team were an absolute dream to work with (especially given as we were dealing with the added pressures that came with Covid lockdowns) so it’s no surprise that we’ll be coming back again for the 2022 NZ VA Awards. Samantha Browne, The Virtual Assistant Network of NZ. – Sam & Jo, The Virtual Assistant Network of NZ.