Circular Keepsake Frame

Circular Keepsake Frame


Keepsake frames allow you to capture the essence of a favourite memory.
 These cherished moments can be proudly displayed for years to come, or you can easily switch them out as often as you please.

Stuck for ideas?

- Pressed flowers from your wedding

- An illustration from a family camping trip

- A photograph of your pet

- Fabric swatches from your bedroom makeover

- Ultrasound scans

- A drawing for a teacher or care giver

- Hand written notes from someone is who is no longer with you

The possibilities are endless

Each comes with reusable brass locking screws. Black or silver screw alternatives are available on request.

Small circle: 160 x 160mm. Designed to house a 120 x 120mm image with 20mm clear border
Large circle: 200 x 200mm. Designed to house a 160 x 160mm image with 20mm clear border

Custom sizes available on request