Single Line NZ Native Collection

Single Line NZ Native Collection


Plant lovers rejoice!
Our new minimalistic leaves are designed to celebrate the tranquillity of nature’s beauty. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, these silhouettes work in harmony with their surroundings and offer the perfect way to bring flora into your home or office without the hassle of watering!

Puriri: This tree is one of the few natives with large, colourful flowers and berries, offering an important source of food for indigenous birds. Maori traditionally used the strong timber to make tools and weapons, and infusions from its boiled leaves were used to heal ailments.

Totara: One of New Zealand’s forest giants, the trunk of a totara can reach up to 4 metres wide. Maori favoured its straight grain and relatively lightweight timber for carving waka (canoes).

Kawakawa: The kawakawa is a relatively small plant. Its heart-shaped leaves are often covered in small holes courtesy of the kawakawa looper moth. A medicinal plant, its leaves and roots would be used by the Maori to heal bruises and relieve pain.

Dimensions: Small set ranges from 30cm to 35cm tall; large set ranges from 40cm to 50cm tall.

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